Why are cosmetic brands not at Anime Cons?

Makeup trade shows are no doubt an excellent way for cosmetic companies to pull in extra cash and advertise. Branching out to new areas would be an excellent move for such cosmetic companies.

First of all, expenses! The cost difference between a trade show like IMATS versus a convention like Anime Matsuri (hyperlink) is enormous!

For instance, the cost of being an exhibitor at IMATS Toronto starts at CAD 1950 (~ USD 1500) and go up from there. Additional costs also add up, such as an extra CAD 100 (~ USD) for a corner booth, CAD 125 (~ USD) for Wi-Fi during the event. (hotspot not included), CAD 220 (~ USD) for a palette/crate/forklift load handling fee if you need your items moved from the entrance of the convention to your booth. If you want a classroom for an event and a full page bundle ad, it is going to run you anywhere from $500 – CAD 1250. The cost adds up quickly, and if you were to go all out with a 10’x 10′ booth, you would be out around CAD 3,645 (~ USD 3900)

Now, the cost of a booth at a larger anime convention such as Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX; will run you anywhere from $600USD for a basic 10′ x 10′ booth to $750 for a premium corner booth. There are no additional costs unless you need extra badges which are priced around $35 each for exhibitors. A smaller amount spent on exhibitor expenses allows for not only less of a financial gamble, but for more money earned to remain in a companies pocket, and may even allow the company to attend multiple events very quickly.


What exactly do I mean by a themed collection you ask? For example, last year Revlon released a limited edition Star Wars themed collection and in YEAR MAC Cosmetics released a Star Trek cosmetic line. Some mainstream cosmetic companies like Revlon and MAC have already created sets that appeal to our geeky side, and I could not love it more! I believe that releasing a unique themed collection or having an early release at an anime or comic convention would prove to be very profitable for the company and pull in a huge turnout. I can honestly say that if a cosmetic company were to release something like… a Rick and Morty themed cosmetic collection at a convention, I would be there in a sequence. (Portalgun Green highlighter anyone? Scary Terry Fuschia Blush?)


A lot of you have been there I am sure…

You have created this fantastic cosplay that you are proud of, and now you need the perfect makeup to finish it off. It typically requires scouring forums for advice, watching a copious amount of YouTube reviews and tutorials, asking fellow cosplayers, and wicked old trial and error (which can get expensive fast). However, if a cosmetics company were to be an exhibitor or a sponsor with both an anime or comic convention, it would not only introduce the company and its values to potential new customers but allow for great opportunities to both parties. Cosplayers would be able to try new products, representatives of the brands could give demos of their products. It would also be an excellent opportunity for these companies to hear from their customers about particular products that they would like to emerge. (brightly colored brow dip gel that’s waterproof and covers my thick dark brows efficiently without having to glue them down please and thank you) moreover, representatives could even work with attendees to find the right products for them!

They would be learning more about an audience of theirs while also educating and aiding said audience. It would also allow brands to immerse themselves in the geek culture and let them see what thrives in the anime or comic community and make room for new various items and themed collections. It is essential to show your customers that you are listening and interested in creating products that they want and need to suit their purpose.

to read more http://www.ambitiousvariety.com/cosmetics-and-anime-cons/

-ErinValakari draft

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