Would you like to see Cosmetic Brands at Anime Cons?

Any good cosmetics company is always trying to find a new way to appeal to their customers whether that means creating the next trendy item to blow up on Instagram, making the future hit collaboration, or even a celebrity dropping a new cosmetic line. (looking at you Rihanna)

anime-impulse-6-of-14-267x300 Would you like to see Cosmetic Brands at Anime Cons?

However, while cosmetic companies may be present at trade shows, body paint conventions, drag conventions and even horror conventions, they have yet to make a regular appearance at anime or comic conventions. You may wonder to yourself ‘well, why is that?’ It is not as if cosplayers do not use and purchase ample amounts of makeup for their elaborate outfits and their personal use as well. Makeup is an essential item for most, if not nearly all cosplayers, both male and female. One would think that with the number of cosplayers present at conventions that it would be wise for a cosmetics company to appear at such a convention. However, why don’t they?

Here are a few reasons on why your beloved cosmetics brand has not broken into the comic and anime convention realm.

IMATS (<–hyperlink to IMATS page



anime-impulse-6-of-14-267x300 Would you like to see Cosmetic Brands at Anime Cons?

IMATS is the International Makeup Artists Trade Show. First held in 1997 in Los Angeles, California. It now takes place annually in six locations across the globe: Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver, and B.C. Makeup brands varying from a drug store to the designer, to indie all, make an appearance at IMATS among the worlds most die-hard cosmetic fans. Brands will often have exclusive discounts on their products, offer exclusive bundle deals, have early special releases for items not currently available to the public until a later date, and even limited edition exclusive IMATS only products. Most brands, such as Sugarpill (hyperlink) for example will sell out of these unique items at IMATS before the convention even comes to an end for the weekend. (site last years items and how fast they sold out) IMATS has proven itself to be extremely lucrative for cosmetic companies. And, it not only helps companies increase their sales, but gain many new customers, some of which will develop a loyal following to the brand, and may even become die-hard fans.

It may be because events like IMATS are so lucrative that many brands may have yet to look into making an appearance at anime or comic conventions. Why appear at a comic convention when trade shows like IMATS are so profitable? Perhaps they also believe they would not have a large enough body of their target audience present to be worth their time. They may also see it as a monetary gamble, especially if they are not sure that they can make the necessary amount of sales at the event. There has also been the issue that there has not been a massive demand in the past for cosmetics brands to be present at such events.

Will there ever be enough demand that cosmetics companies will feel the need to make a presentation at our favorite conventions?

There very well might be. As the cosplay community surges in size and popularity and becomes more mainstream, there is always the possibility of more demand by some of these companies.

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– Erin Valakari


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