Day for Night Festival Fuses Culture, Light, and Sound

Festivals are an ideal place for cultures to collide – and that’s precisely what Day for Night is here to give us this weekend in Houston. On top of the endless maze of art installations and musical performances, attendees will experience another layer of immersion by becoming a part of the festival’s fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. On top of the music and art, Day for Night offers speakers and activists from across the globe to contribute to a resonating dedication to cultural inclusion. If you’re still on the fence about getting tickets, read more below about the raddest fest out West.

Curating a festival of groundbreaking musicians, visual artists and activists from around the world for a three day event in the massive Barbara Jordan Post Office building, Day for Night is set to slay it’s third annual gathering this winter. Central focuses on art, music, technology and cultural inclusion have set this fest apart from the rest, with 2016 being its breakout year in the festival circuit.

Music spans all cultures, and this festival fully understands that concept. A lineup of intergalactic proportions has been assembled for this event – there’s truly something for everyone. Fans of many genres can find an immersive cultural oasis in Day for Night. Crowds will bounce to rapper and activist Cardi B’s anthems and laugh with Tyler, the Creator’s whimsical rap storylines. Punk and rock fans will be inspired by Russian feminist collective Pussy Riot; Thom Yorke of Radiohead; as well as lineup toppers Nine Inch Nails.

For lovers of electronic and dance music, Day for Night has promised not to disappoint. Along with electronic support from DJs and producers like Jamie XX, REZZ and Pretty Lights, the legendary Justice will headline and grace the stage with their electric grooves. Phantogram is set to expand minds with their unique electronic punk sound while groovy producers Cashmere Cat and G Jones explore the bounds of consciousness with bass.

Dedicated to the beautiful union of art and music, the festival prides itself in compiling a lineup of not only musical artists, but also eclectic modern visual artists. One of these groundbreakers is internationally celebrated Ryoji Ikeda, a Japanese electronic music producer and visual artist who channels sound into stunning art installations, merging the worlds of human experience and technology. A sensory adventure in itself, Ikeda’s installation and performance will be just one of many innovative sights to see at Day for Night.

Another groundbreaking visual artist that will propel attendees into another dimension is Ryoichi Kurokawa, a Japanese sculptor who considers light, space and sound as one. Kurokawa has been traveling all over the world with his media-bending art exhibits since 1999, striving to form a seamless experience between sensory channels – light, sounds, space and touch. Both Ikeda and Kurokawa’s work are in line with Day for Night’s mission to fully immerse attendees in a world of beautiful technology.

Today’s art and music lovers enjoy Day for Night’s unique dedication to the virtual world. The fest offers a full circle connection between the human experience and technology. It’s a connection that many of this generation resonate with on another level, no matter where you’re from. There’s still time to get tickets. We hope you’ll experience it for yourselves this weekend – see you in Houston!