Interview with Jilliane Sunga

When you’re Asian, you’re expected to be quite skinny and tall and not have extra body fat on your body. However, thanks to the evolution of society, having a little extra junk on your trunk has become more acceptable nowadays, with Jilliane Sunga being one of those girls who are confident about her curves. Despite living in a country where skinny is still what’s considered as sexy, her confidence makes her stand out from the rest. Her social media posts garner hundreds to thousands of likes, especially during events that she’s spearheading. She started out as a fangirl but she’s making her way to the top as an influencer in the local scene.

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Tell us a bit about yourself. How was your childhood and how did you get into the business of fangirling, etc.?

As an only child, fangirling was my only outlet. Since I don’t have any siblings to play with, I always binge watched High School Musical and other Disney series and there started my fangirling life.

You constantly post well-produced photos on social media. Do you take these photos on your own or do you have other people taking these photos for you?

I usually ask my friends to take several photos of me so I could pick the best picture.

Being Asian, skinny girls are highly sought-after. How do you feel about people who berated you or bullied you because you’re plus-sized? How do you deal with them?

I feel bad not just for myself but also for other plus-sized girls who are experiencing bullying because of their physical appearance. Well, I just ignore and kill them with my confidence.

Every time I see you post your photos on your Facebook/Instagram, you’re oozing with confidence. What’s your secret?

I just learned to love myself and be myself.


25399084_1572242286186021_8871827080175250524_n Interview with Jilliane Sunga

You’re always surrounded by people who love and adore you. What do you do to keep in touch with everyone despite being busy with your day job, promoting artists that you’re a fan of, etc.?

I make sure that I am always available whenever they need me. I’m loyal to a fault but I will always protect my own and be there for them.

Justin Bieber has been one of your biggest idols for years now. How did your love for him begin?

When I was in high school, my friends were listening to his music and I asked them about the song and started to search about the artist (Justin Bieber)

25399084_1572242286186021_8871827080175250524_n Interview with Jilliane Sunga

Ever since the Purpose Tour got canceled, you were one of the people who openly mourned about it. How is the Philippines so far when it comes to bringing in international artists? What do you think the country lacks and why artists don’t seem to enjoy to come here as regularly as they do with other places?

First, our government.They’re basically milking money from international artists with the way the ticket prices are higher compared to other countries. Filipinos are one of the best fans in the world and artists do appreciate the energy and hype we are showing during the concert, maybe one of the factors why they don’t seem to enjoy to come here is the way the management or producer handle them.

Aside from the things that are keeping you busy, is there anything that you’d want to do a few years down the road?

I want to pursue my career in event organizing further.

If there are no limits to what you can do, what would you do right at this moment and why?

I’ll definitely go to LA and meet all my favorite international artists.

25399084_1572242286186021_8871827080175250524_n Interview with Jilliane Sunga

If it were up to you, how would you change the public’s perception on how a girl should look and act like?

We should not define women based on how they look, act, or dress. We are unique in our own ways. You can tell a lot about a person’s personality based on how they speak about other people. The reason why so many girls have low self-esteem is because in Filipino society, almost everyone acts as if they’re holier than thou and judge females based on how they appear or act. If it were up to me, I would just tell every human being (not just girls) out there to kill people with confidence and kindness. As a quote from The Princess Diaries goes, “Nobody can make you feel inferior with your consent.”

How are you planning to use your education and your experience to provide inspiration for other girls?

I want to spread awareness on how to accept yourself, knowing your worth, and self-love.

What would you want to give as advice to girls who still struggle with self-confidence and are afraid of embracing who they truly are?

Self-love and care is the most important thing before you learn to embrace who you really are. So, don’t mind what other people say. be yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself.

25399084_1572242286186021_8871827080175250524_n Interview with Jilliane Sunga

And lastly, what do you want plus-sized girls to do or continue doing, especially now that people (well, those who aren’t in the Philippines, obviously) are more open and embracing of alternative standards?

Continue showing their curves, wear whatever they want because no one can stop them from being themselves. So long as they’re happy, they’re healthy, and they’re not doing anything to hurt other people, then why would they be affected by the public’s perception of what’s sexy? Fat girls have feelings, too. And fat girls are just as beautiful as all the other girls out there.

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