The interview with Katoe @ Ikkicon 2018

    The new generation of cross-culture, we have individuals like Katoe is influenced by the lifestyle of a C.A.N  he would craft his ambition and code by the cross-cultural code of Bushido. (Bushidō is a Japanese collective term for the many laws of honor and ideals that dictated the samurai way of life, loosely analogous to the concept of chivalry in Europe)
He follows the system with honesty and does not fault. The impact that the bushido law is not the only form influencing him, it is his love of music and the late DJ Nujabes who passed away in a car crash.   

   Katoe uses that influence in his life that he lives and the taste in his music; his passion leads him to the Anime/Cosplay community where he does videos and pictures for these individuals for free cause he loves the fantastic feeling of helping out the community of fellow C.A.N’s. Katoe is a man of diligence though he is a fun side, he photographs Cute little puppies.

   Katoe has a knack of creating AMV (Anime Music Videos) that captivates your sense of emotions through these heartfelt scenes from your favorite video games.

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