Interview with Elise Krentzel and how she introduced punk rock into Japan’s Pop Culture

AV Profile – Elise Krentzel

Elise Krentzel has carved a lane in linking together Asian and American culture for over four decades. Apart from her consulting and creative collaborations she offers with EK Consulting in Austin, Texas, Krentzel has been trekking the globe building brands in music, entertainment and more…and she has stories to tell!

AV caught up with Elise to look back from the rise of the early “punk rock” movement in Japan, to brands and business she currently influences today. Also, we talk: Trekking across the globe with Gene Simmons and the kiss crew and their arrival; Kabuki theatre in rock music; Renegade Costello shows in Tokyo’s Ginza district; Introducing a world famous beer and restaurant brand to the US; what she looks for in a brand, and Life in Austin Texas.

Here’s my take away – Match Elise’s Ambition!

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