Pop Star Mannequins start a revolution: Meet FEMM

Most pop stars adopt a persona for the limelight, but the electronic dance music duo FEMM takes it a step further. RiRi and Lula are the face of FEMM (Far East Mention Mannequins). Acting as leaders of the fictional FEMM Agency Syndicate, Riri and Lula (also known by their secret agent names  Honey-B and W-Trouble) are said to work for the rights of mannequins around the world. 

femm-300x169 Pop Star Mannequins start a revolution: Meet FEMM
Source FEMM – Wannabe- Dance Video

In October 2013 the group launched their teaser video on YouTube that showed the two women in the streets of Japan informing people about their quest to rescue mannequins. While they did not initially gain recognition on the charts, the group began to become noticed globally and began receiving attention on several Western social media websites. The duo is dedicated to what can be considered a type of performance art. Dedicated to their art form, they are carried off stage.

FEMM unleashed a slew of releases in 2014, including “Kill the DJ,” “We Flood The Light.” and “Fxxk Boyz Get Money.” The music video for “Fxxk Boyz Get Money” shows the duo twerking, a popular dance style borrowed from American hip hop culture. In 2015, the video was one of their first to reach the 1,000,000 viewer mark. They continued to gain popularity when the song was featured on a complication called twerk em all in July 2015.


FEMM’s wardrobe consists mostly of latex and leather. They assert both independence and sexuality in their choice of dress. Lulu and Riri fit in well with other humans, having observed them for a long time. Their mission is to make humans aware of the plight of mannequins and preserve their dignity. Agents Lulu and Riri seek to find mannequins that would be a good fit for their movement. FEEM is paving the way for a new type of musical genre that combines “dolls” and pop stars with an elaborate back story that keeps things unique and entertaining. Get ready for the mannequin revolution. 

femm-300x169 Pop Star Mannequins start a revolution: Meet FEMM
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