Who Is The Real T Dragon? aka Thien Voung

Meet thien Voung , one of the most consistent YouTubers and creative icons on the internet. This young, charismatic man has a consist track record of a plethora of appearances in cons and festivals in which he’s donned the costume of an iconic comic book anime character. His YouTube platform and role as a distinguished Youtuber is what gave him the recognition. It didn’t take him long to start recording videos and start uploading them on his YouTube channel. His first video, a sneaker review, was posted 7 years ago when he was just starting out. Now, Thien Vuong has hundreds of videos on his channel which delve into a variety of different cultures, topics, subcultures and communities. He’s arguably one of the most consistent creative experts on the internet, with an extensive portfolio highlighting his skills for film producing, acting, designing, illustrating, speech, and so on. Let’s learn a little about the man behind the creatively volatile Real T Dragon YouTube channel:

t-dragon1-200x300 Who Is The Real T Dragon? aka Thien Voung
[I started my own channel around the time when YoutTube was blowing up, Ryan Higa and Timothy DeLaGhetto were coming up, and they were some of my first influences.”]

As a natural Jack of all trades, Thien’s path to YouTube stardom seemed predetermined. It didn’t take much for him to initiate his own YouTube career. As he so bluntly put it: “My brother gave me a camera and was like ‘yo make videos’, and I was like, ‘dope’!”
By now his channel is 46,000 subscribers strong and growing.
With a fierce combination of seemingly unshakable consistency and an endless flow of creativity, T Dragon’s success and rise to internet popularity came rather fast. He’s not shy of trying out new ways to entertain his viewers, but his niche quickly formed and gained him the appraise of anime and comic book fans :…”when I went to my first convention I made a video there and it blew up, it got more views than any other video on my channel. I love anime, I love comics, I love cosplay, so I thought to myself, why not try to dive into this community. The first convention I went to changed my life, it was the best experience ever, lots of costumes lots of love, and so I went to more conventions and made more videos.” By now T Dragon is so well-known throughout the cosplay scene that he’s become a thought-leader of sorts – many fans of the community look up to him, and he strives to inspire them.

t-dragon1-200x300 Who Is The Real T Dragon? aka Thien Voung
[“I focused on travelling all over America for two years, mainly at conventions whether they’re anime, Comicon, just all those conventions across America, San Diego, NY, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Texas, Detroit, I just went everywhere in America for cons and I learned a lot, mainly about the community and making videos…]

His creative side took a turn for the better when he introduced the adorable card game ‘Bite Me Cutie’ to the world. Thien invested his hours into learning how to design, and proceeded to create the card game: “I learned how to illustrate and design while being over here and I created over 300 cards for two decks for a different version of the same card game called Bite Me Cutie which I had a Kickstarter for.
Creating ‘Bite Me Cutie’ was Thien’s next step into tapping into his own creativity. Once it was complete, his portfolio was no longer decorated with the sole merits of a YouTuber – now he’s become a learned illustrator and creative designer in his own right.

t-dragon1-200x300 Who Is The Real T Dragon? aka Thien Voung
[“Right now I’m just trying to find an outlet, whatever I feel like making I create it doesn’t matter if it does good or bad – some videos do good and some don’t it doesn’t matter it’s all about content.”]

Thien is relatively young, so it’s only natural that his creative process has a lot to develop until he grows into his prime. The effort he puts in however is that of a true professional – not only is he a distinguished vlogger, cosplay icon and a card game creator, but he’s also an actor, director and producer. His ambition to be a virtuoso in the world of cinema overpowers all his other ambitions, and as you can see from his IMDb page, he’s well on his way to having quite a filmography. “ This past year I’ve really worked on becoming an actor while living in Atlanta and getting into the film community…I filmed a lot of indie films while being down here for the past year and I have a whole short film I’m releasing on my channel which I’ve worked for for a couple of months.Dating is F*cked up is by far Thien’s most iconic film yet, but for him it’s a mere stepping stone towards greater future achievements. He wants to become the best version of himself that he can be, and channels that ambition onto his love for film and cinema.

t-dragon1-200x300 Who Is The Real T Dragon? aka Thien Voung
[Even though I made a card game and a I have a short film coming out, that doesn’t really matter to me because it’s all about what I’m gonna be doing in 5 years, I’m just doing the micros to get the macros all the way down there, so it’s just an everyday grind.]

T Dragon is a big dreamer, but alongside that, he’s also a hard worker – possibly one of the hardest workers in his community. He’s not only letting his creativity create incredible projects that keep him on top of his game now, but he’s also chasing the vision. We at Ambitious Variety are positive that The Real T Dragon is on the forefront of the current Asian/Western cultural intersection that’s taking place.
So far he has shown no sign of stopping – his creativity and drive have proven to be relentless, and when coupled with his positive mind-state they really make him a creative force to be reckoned with.

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