Revival and Revolution with FEMM

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In storefronts around the world, mannequins remain steadfast in displaying the latest apparel for their human counterparts. In a world where reflections of ourselves are now seen in upright humanoid robots, mannequins serve as predecessors to these almost sentient inventions, serving mankind and acting as a mirror. Dolls (人形) can be rest assured that FEMM, the Japanese electronic dance music team lead by the captivating RiRi and LuLu, will continue to defend the rights of mannequins and represent them on the world stage into 2018. Riding the wave of nostalgia with their recent album 80/90s J-Pop Revival, FEMM is ready to bring in more people into the movement. 

The ladies were recently delivered to Hyper Japan, the United Kingdom’s largest exhibition that highlights Japanese culture and cuisine. Riri and Lulu were carried out on stage and positioned ahead of their performance. Their choreography is what you imagine it would be if two fashion-conscious mannequins were in charge of a stage show after being introduced to the underground club life. A fan at Hyper Japan’s winter installment captured the dynamic duo captivating the audience at the Tobacco Dock.



Ambitious Variety was able to speak to people close to Riri and Lulu.  


80s_90s-PicMain1-e1513111456740 Revival and Revolution with FEMM

How is the music industry in Japan compared to America?


I dont think there is a big difference. Music is universal and anyone can enjoy it together! Thats the great thing about music and this industry. FEMM are mannequins, so it might be difficult to understand them at first, but once you listen to their tracks, Im sure you will love them!


Its the listeners who decide on what they feel about the music, depending on their background and situation, etc. I think the music industry itself is shifting in style with the listeners. 







What Western artists are they culturally Inspired by?


Artists who are always creating new sounds and visuals really inspire FEMM. Especially since FEMM is delivering the message of GIRL POWER, its always cool to respect other artists who go in this direction too. Recently RiRi is very curious about Cardi B.


LuLa loves Janet Jackson! And also she thinks artists like Nicky Minaj and Katy Perry have their own style and are amazing entertainers! 






LuLaは、特にJanet Jacksonから影響を受けているようです。

ビジュアルはNicky Minaj、Katy Perryがエンターテイナーとして面白いなと感じてます。


Would they collab with anyone in the West?


FEMM featured a super talented artist from LA, Liz, in their single Do It Again feat. LIZ, released in May 2017. Its was full of GIRL POWER and positive experience! Lately, they have an eye on Poppy, who has a mannequin vibe! 


LuLa would love to collaborate with Rina Sawayama. It would be a great opportunity to work with other artists, so we can see a new image of FEMM! 



今年5月にリリースした「Do It Again feat.LIZ」で、LAで活躍する才能豊かなアーティストLizとコラボさせていただき、ガールズパワーに溢れたポジティブでエネルギーいっぱいの作品になりました。最近は、マネキンに近い存在のPoppyが気になっているようです。


LuLaは、Rina Sawayamaが気になっているようです。コラボをすることで、FEMMのまた違った一面が引き出されるのを期待しているようです。


Would they perform in the States at any music festivals or anime cons?


Yes, of course! We would love to have FEMM perform in these events! Not just US, but in EU too.


FEMM has performed at Tokyo in Tulsa and J-POP SUMMIT and it was so much fun! Whenever our US FEMM agents (fans and supporters) make it happen for us, we will be right there!


アニメ・エキスポ等 音楽系フェスとかアニメコン系で、USでのパフォーマンスをしたいと思っていますか??(Sxsw) (Anime Expo)




 FEMMは以前に「Tokyo in Tulsa」と「J-POP SUMMIT」に出演させていただき、とても楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。アメリカのFEMMエージェントたち(ファンやサポーターのみなさん)がFEMMを呼び寄せてくれるのなら、いつでも駆けつけますよ!

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