The Taipei Rapper who is giving the: Higher Brothers a run for their Money: LEX the Lexicon Artist Interview at SXSW

She’s short. She’s young and she is on the rise. She’s Taipei nerdcore rapper Alex Sun Li or Lex the Lexicon Artist to the nerdcore masses. Don’t let her cultural heritage fool you. She is a hip-hop force to be reckoned with. Her high energy puts her in the company of Chinese hip-hop group Higher Brothers, who have also broken hip-hop’s stereotypes. Alex is part of an emerging group of music artists referred to as NPCC (Nerdy People of Color Collective). Alex doesn’t let her ethnicity and sex define her or restrict her. Instead, she lets her passion speak for her. 

Alex is a bi-product of exposure to diversity at an early age. Before she would grow up to bring the bars to the West Coast, Alex lived in Taipei, Taiwan, where she was born. While there Alex attended the Taipei European School, an international institution of learning that serves primary school and secondary school students that represent 50 different nationalities. At the age of 18, Alex moved to California and attended the prestigious and culturally and ethnically diverse Berkeley. These two places were a creative source of inspiration to Alex, who decided to pause her education to pursue her music career. One of her personal influences is Shubzilla, a woman of Filipino descent with fire in her belly, raunchy lyrics, and a straightforward attitude. Other notable influences are Mc Chris, Mega Ran, None like Joshua, Mc Shaffer, and Mc Frontalo. These artists and more could be found at the 2018 SXSW Nerdcore Showcase.

SXSW is Austin’s long-standing msuic festival where hot artists from all genres and all walks of life intermingle. This year Alex Sun Lui brought the West Coast nerdcore vibe to Austin. She possesses a spark that gives her audience the burst of energy to move full force through a vibrant, high octane performance. 

Alex has strong words on objectification in the song. ” Undateable she goes into saying that there are Caucasian males ( not all but some) who objectify   Asian women have sideways Vaginas.” A stereotype of Asian women . Alex goes on to say “she wants to create something that gives people the feels” in her music with a dark beat that is very synth yet has massive bass to it I can agree that she did give me feels of this headbanger, trap fits of dance.

    In the video interview, she went into detail on who she is as a person and rapper. She states ” she is not appropriating culture” she feels nerdcore fits her style and how she raps akin to Watsky If you do not know who Watsky is let me inform.

                                Her Influencer Wastky 

  with the speed of flash, her rhymes are fire.  

Her unbashful spirit is not the women you would think of as her personification through her music and nerdcore she takes that stereotype and throws it on the ground to stomp it out before it even goes in your face. She references kryptonite as a way to tell you and everyone else she is not a weak, shy Chinese woman who will submit to objectification and that neither she nor her fellow sisters in the Asian diaspora will bow down to those who feel that they should be subservient. 



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